Miscellanious Scale Models

Others modelers produced Voisin at different period, scales and materials, here are a few examples.
Here is the smallest Voisin C6 Laboratoire in the world, coming from Germany, build by Michael S.
An original craetion at the 1.87 scale (HO) extremly detailed
A work which make you speechless, particularly because beside the Voisin we can see the 1923 GPACF Bugatti Tank T32, so remarkable!

A rare C1/M1 model created by Dieter Terbeck (Switzerland).
During 2011 M Sordet created a C30 with body by Dubos in his serie "Ma Collection"
In blue with the hood closed...
...but also in yellow with the hood open.

MaCo wonderful the 1934 C27 by Figoni model.

During the 70's, Paddy Stanley was one of the first, if not THE first to produce a C6 Laboratoire

Later, Autos Replica had also work on this amazing vehicle

From some suppposed chocolate egg, here is a Voisin Lumineuse (?)
A hyper detailed kit as you can see above!

More promotional than scale model...
Built by Mikansue, a long time ago...

...a C25 Aérodyne.
...a soft Sbarro Assystem, modern idea of the "lozange car ".

World exclusivity, if I am right, a Voisin at 1:87 scale
This tiny Voisin is orderable on-line on the Debelem workshop website

C24 Carene by Huilor and Lyra (several variants)
Danbury produced this tin Voisin (Thanks to Paul Hooft)

The Anguplas Biscuter open and closed.

For sale on the www, a few years ago...

...a sheet metal work of the Laboratoire.

JEP made attractive tinplate Voisins, such as these two magnificent examples.
An open tourer model
And also a saloon with a standard JEP four-door body and a Voisin radiator (photos: Camion Rouge)

Here's an oddity to conclude this page - a rare 1/43rd resin model of the curious one-off C30 bodied by an unknown coachbuilder (see below) in Switzerland, where the car resides to this day.
A rare model by Manuel Schmidt (Aurore Models) for Zwicky (Collection Didier B.)

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