C16 (1929-1933)

Among the new models of the 1929 Salon de l'auto, Gabriel Voisin introduces the C16. Based on the C12, keeping her chassis, but the motorization evolves, the capacity in now 5830 cc, the carburation is made via two Zenith units, and gives around 130 cv.


This 1932 C16, unique example bodied by Ottin is a " voiture de maître " with separation window between the passenger compartment and the driver post. She offers a rather heavy appearance, a tense luxurious velvet, and certainly very comfortable interior, except perhaps to sit on foldaway seats...

The most impressing part of this car, is obviously the engine, enormous, which fills the compartment, nevertheless widely sized, a motor which reuse the fined exhausts of the C12.

Unique and first hand family car!
One can prefer the factory bodies : Chatelaine coupé or Chevreuse saloon, austere too but a little "lighter".

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