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Gabriel Voisin's creations always inspired the artists, here are some examples.

A Voisin by Demachy in 1929, C12? C16? C18?

A little disproportionate, a "Voisin 12 cilindri a guida interna 1930" by F.L. Rapi

To illustrate a short story published by the Illustration, a beautiful Voisin

"Le rire" newspaper published in 1927 this Dubout's drawing,
prismatic shape and devious "cocotte", a Voisin for sure!
(Published with the kind authorization of

A Vogue magazine cover by G. Lepape

The Bugatti-Voisin "duel" during the Tours 1923 GPACF painted by Rob Roy

The Lyon 1924 GPACF "Grand Laboratoire" by Géo Ham


The road to Deauville by A.E. Marty, famous illsutrator. (Coll. Guy C.)
Franquin drew the famous Gaston Lagaffe testing the Biscooter...

...and his magazine, Spirou, dedicated it an article !

In 1965, Pierre Dumont illustrated his work " Au temps des automobilistes ", of numerous drawings among which four show Voisin.
Two impressive 4-litre...
...but also a 'Lumineuse', a saloon...
...and, in a child book, a C20 or C22 berline Myra.

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