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Here is a list of books regarding Gabriel Voisin's creations

New2014 !
Voisin the difference by P. Ladure, P. Moch, R. Winstone
Photos : A. Goure(Editions Du Chêne/EPA)

(Bilingual : french / english)
For you, english readers, here is at last, the translation
(very well illustrated and annotated)

of ' Mes 1001 voitures' by R. Winstone

(Editions Faustrol Books)

The books wrote by Gabriel Voisin himself.

The two french editions of " Mes 10. 000 cerfs-volants " et a little out of subject " Nos étonnantes chasses ".
2010 Editions du Palmier
The three french editions of " Mes mille et une voitures "

Also to read " La Naissance de l'Aéroplane ".

In the Automobiles Avions Voisin category, two indispensable books.

By Pascal Courtault
" Automobiles Avions Voisin 1919-1958 "

(EPA Editions)

By René Bellu " Toutes les Voisin "

(Studio Gernot)

About Voisin you can also read...

Published in 2013 by ETAI, Gabriel Voisin by Serge Bellu
By Manuel Garriga, " Biscuter " (Ed. Benzina)

At last available in French (end of 2013))
" André Lefèbvre and the cars he created for Voisin... "

...and Citröen by G-P Berk
By Manuel Garriga " Biscuter " (Ed. Benzina)

(Out off print)

" Le duel Bugatti-Voisin "

by F. Sabatès and G. Blanchet
" Aéroplanes Voisin "

edited by M. Dutartre

" Gabriel Voisin ou le pionnier magnifique "

by Emmanuel Mère.
And also, those two books by Borgé et Viasnoff...

...where surprising Voisin can be seen.

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