Voisin powered

If I am right, we have here a unique event in the Voisin firm history : the supply of an engine to another car manufacturer, Bucciali.

And if the initiative is exceptional, both elements so associated are not less. On one hand an amazing sleeve valves V12 engine, and on the other hand, a car which could be considered as one of the most beautiful car ever built the Bucciali TAV8-32.

This automobile, today in a private collection is maybe the Saoutchick's masterpiece. And although number of its components are not genuine, even the chassis is not, she remains very impressive. Disproportionate hood versus stocky cockpit, this imbalance makes all the strength of its line.

The Bucciali Voisin engine confirm the"fumiste" aspect of sleeve valves motors!

Nowadays, very few creations of the Brothers Bucciali survive, except a Buc racer, we can admire the TAV2 "double-height" which the engine is only a model of the planned V16, as well as the TAV2-TAV3 of 1927, which does not wear any more its original dress.

If you want to know everything about Bucciali brothers and their creations...
...you have to read the magnificent Christian Huet's book.

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