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C18 (1930-1935)

Of all the new models introduced by the company at the 1929 Salon, the C18 expressed Voisin's continuing interest in the silence, smoothnesss and inherent balance of the 60-degree V12 configuration which he had first explored with the C2 which never reached production, and the big 12-cylinder record car.
The only C18 in France retains its V12 power unit, (non factory coachwork); it attracted press attention in 1958, when this piece appeared in the Auto-Journal.
Inside the cokpit, we find the usual over equipped Voisin dashboard and typical levers, and the front seats, coming from a foreign car.
In its first incarnation the C18 was fitted with a 3,900 cc unit, which was soon replaced by a 4,885 cc version. The C12/C16 chassis was chosen for this imposing engine.
The only other significant change in specification happened in 1931, when a single-disc clutch replaced the original multi-plate fitment. The last chassis in stock at the factory left Issy in 1933. The model was available in five basic versions in the first year: as a bare chassis (Diane), 5-seater saloon (Chevauchée), 2/3 seat coupé (Chatelaine), 6-seater lwb saloon (Chevreuse) and 7-seat limousine (Caravane).
The Chevreuse as illustrated in the catalog
And the Chevance also named 'coupé-limousine'
The standard saloon gained two extra seats in 1931, the coupé was dropped and a 7-seat coupé-limousine (Chevance) made its appearance. By 1932, the options had narrowed down to bare chassis, saloon, limousine and coupé-limousine; by 1933, only the bare chassis was offered.

The Diane C18 from the royal stable of Thailand
Marque experts agree that the C18 replaced the C19 even before the latter was announced, although the price lists of some foreign concessionaires (notably in Switzerland) suggest otherwise...