C2 (1920-1921)

The C2 of 1920 was Gabriel Voisin's first attempt to construct a car entirely of his own design, and he was by no means a man to do things by halves.
However, for all its 7,238cc, the handsomely uncluttered 30-degree V12 - a double sleeve valve unit, naturally - struggled to muster much more than 80bhp in early tests. Not only was the narrow-angle unit a paragon of neatness


The first C2 prototype

With a 3.82m wheelbase, the 4.78m underslung chassis was as technically advanced as the engine - and uniquely among Voisins, it was left-hand drive - and uniquely among Voisins, it was left-hand drive.
The second C2 chassis (from Voisin catalog - Coll. S.I.)
The prohibitive production and development costs of such a complex power unit proved beyond the company's resources at the time, although a second running chassis (right-hand drive this time) was constructed for display at the 1921 Paris Salon to showcase the marque's engineering sophistication. This second example was not underslung, and boasted a three-speed gearbox and a radically new suspension design...

Despite being catalogued by the 'Palais Automobile de Touraine' as a production model, the C2 was never developed beyond the prototype stage.


The C2 is listed in the right column (Coll. PMA)

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