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C22 (1931-1935)

As we've seen, Gabriel Voisin launched the legendary C20 V12 at the 1930 Paris salon. Another newcomer was shown at this same show, the 33CV C22.


Underslung 'coupé' on C22 chassis

Equally impressive and available in the same body styles (Myra saloon, Mylord demi-berline and Myrte cabriolet), the C22 was powered by a 5,830cc straight six based on the C16 unit instead of the V12 - the most powerful engine ever fitted to a Voisin road car.

The bare 33CV chassis was coded Siroco. Like its 12-cylinder stablemate, the wheelbase of the 33CV was lengthened to 3.71m in 1931, together with revisions to the axle.


As in the 22CV, the occupants were sat centrally within the wheelbase, with deep footwells nicknamed 'foot baths' on either side of the deep transmission tunnel. The low centre of gravity of the underslung chassis added to the car's stability and handling agility despite its size.

The 33CV's 160 kph speed potential allowed it to distinguish itself beneath the sunny skies of Rio de Janiero...

The career of the C22 reflected that of the C20, in that although it remained listed until 1933, this was only a matter of selling what few unsold cars were left in stock.