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C23 (1931-1936)

With a view to filling the gap between the 13CV models and the luxurious top of the range 28 and 33CV cars, Voisin introduced the 17CV C23 in 1931, equipped with a new 3-litre six.

Typifying the razor-edged 'angle vifs' style of Voisins in the early thirties, it featured Voisin's patented minimalist rear sidelights, art déco interior fabrics and the famous side luggage boxes with their characteristic locks.

Pure Voisin, in other words - a distinctive and characterful design vocabulary.

Well received at the time as a saloon, some 335 C23s were built.

Drive in a C23 Char is an interesting experience, sitting comfortably in a cockpit amply ventilated by the hinged windscreen, serenaded by a faint whine from the gearbox by the driver's left leg.

A journey of a few dozen kilometres confirmed that the flexible and smooth 3-litre delivered every one if its claimed horsepower, and impressive performance under braking.

Although one is conscious of sitting high in the car (not being an underslung chassis), ride comfort is excellent for a vehicle of its age.
Total pleasure - try out the passenger seat for 20 seconds or so, and you'll see what I mean... (video mpg 1.6Mb)

A typical 'angles vifs' Voisin body.