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C24 Figoni 1934
Exposed during Rétromobile 2005 edition, this 1934 C24 is one of the seven Voisin bodied by Figoni, among which one account three C24 and one C27. It seems she is only surviving C24 dressed by the famous craftsman.

Obviously a four seats convertible, without back nor side trunks is not in the spirit of the brand.

What does it remain of Voisin DNA on this car?

The 3-liters 6-cylinders engine, of course, sparkling brightly. But also the dashboard and the rear wings lights which evocate the Voisin patented model, endowed with a small cap.

The simplicity of the original did not, perhaps, suit in the presumed elegance of the car.


A particularly "Non Voisin" body...