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C28 (1935)

Exit C25 and C26: the C28 took centre stage at the 1935 Paris Salon, complete with new engine and hydraulic brakes (which Voisin had years earlier dismissed as outright dangerous). Otherwise, few changes. The C25 chassis was unchanged, as was the interior. The body styles remained the same as the previous year: Clairière for the saloon and Cimier for the two-door. Only the Chevalière limousine evolved significantly, and was rebaptised as the Chancellerie.

Gabriel Voisin owned this Clairère
Of the thirty C28s built, some were rather special. One client specified a long chassis version to accommodate his extensive luggage requirements. Fitted with rear wheel spats, this one-off was coded as the Ambassade, a name applied the following year to a similar model on the standard chassis.
Another, bodied by Henri Chapron, was eventually acquired in the sixties by Mr C, whose son kindly send us this period photo along with his memories of the car (whose original engine today powers an Aérodyne).
This C28 bears a non-factory body with leather interior - a luxury cabriolet with a decidedly XK120 air. Although sometimes attributed to Saoutchik, the designer with the audacity to replace the traditional Voisin emblem by stylised initials is widely thought to be the Voisin specialist garage Saliot (probably postwar).

Schwetzingen "Concours d'élégance" (Germany), a beautiful and...
...long 1936 C28 Ambassade (#53028)