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C28 Aérosport Menier

The Aérosport, which Gabriel Voisin claimed as the first " ponton "automobile, drawn on a box type chassis was produced in very few copies ( 14 supposed ). With her profiled back, her sliding roof on a lowered roof line, her wings integrated into the body, the line should be perfect without these prominent headlights and the high Voisin radiator grill which break at least the attempt of aerodynamism, tradition!
The Aérosport during the Salon
She had at least one famous owner: Antoine Menier, last member of his family to manage the famous chocolate company. It seems that his car, as far as we know, is the only survivor of this type. At first fitted with the #53048 engine, she received afterward the engine of the prototype ( #53044), and she is equipped with two exhausts, a normal one and another one more " free " used in competitions by Mr Menier ( the car has kept its number for a long time), because he committed in hill climb at the wheel of vehicles which he did not hesitate to streamline, adding two small fines at the rear his Aérosport or profiling more radically one the other Voisin he owned previously. The dashboard is covered with instruments, with in addition a plane meter on the floor (increased up to 500 kph!!!).
Having stayed for a very long time in France, this car left Europe for the United States in 2005.
A quite unusual silhouette on the French roads of the end of the 30's.

A challenge to the other drivers?
At 150 kph the Aérosport did not have to make an excessive use of this sign!

To know more about the Menier family story and chocolate: Saga Menier
( Excellent website which allowed me to use the photo of Mr Menier beside his Aérosport)

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