C30 S Court (1938)

In an ultimate attempt to revive the brand, the SADAV (Société Auxiliaire des Automobiles Voisin), introduced during the 1938 salon a new model strictly derived of the C30. It was a coupé 2 doors established on a shortened chassis, which gave her a rather singular look.

She keeps the prominent engine hood of C30 but the back part is extremely rounded off, conferring her a very unbalanced profile.

And if we find some Voisin details, as the triple windscreen wiper or the very complete dashboard, we shall not mention the rear window, ridiculously small which had to displease the boss, adept of the optimal visibility.


Fitted with the C30 engine, she claimed 145 kph, but she will not be produced in series and it is not certain that this car passed the prototype stage...

An unique car?

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