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Restoration of the 1926 C7 #15157 last page
( From our correspondent Josef W. )
It was over during 2013, after a few months dedicated to the diverse finishes, the Viennese C7 was ready in March for its first presentation to the public, at the Belles Champenoises d'Epoque (Reims), where it honored the Amis de Gabriel Voisin stand of its presence.
But its entry in the 2013 Vintage Revival Montlhéry was a bigger event! Because it drove on the track of the mythical autodrome...

... in the "tires print" of the Voisin records breakers (from 1925 to 1930), at a lesser speed, one has to admit...

What highlighted a small brakes problem, quickly solved by the experts present this weekend.
The C7 was displayed beside nine other Avions-Voisin during this 2013 edition of the Vintage Revival Montlhéry.

Its "french tour" finished in October at Automédon.

His owner then was free to dedicate himself to his C4S project which is going to surprise many of you...

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