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C7 Bira "Baby Blue"
One of the most interesting C7 models to have survived was first owned by young Prince Chula Chaakrabongse of Siam while he was a student at Cambridge. It was on this very car that his cousin Prince Birabongse Bhanutej Bhanubandh (better known simply as Bira, the celebrated racing driver) first learned to drive.
A Voisin as we like them, light and 'lumineuse'.
No 'Art Déco' fabric, but a leather cockpit

After years of inactivity, the car was acquired in the 1970s by an impecunious English student whose studies obliged him to sell it back to the family of the original owner before he finished restoring the car.

Ten years later, it returned into the hands of its temporary custodian, for whom the attraction proved impossible to resist. Since then, the car has been a regular and successful participant in events on both sides of the Channel.

The car still bears the badges it wore in the 20s, and a spotlamp on the windscreen pillar to complement the factory-fitted auxiliary headlight on the C pillar.
The engine certainly appears to have suffered no harm at the hands of the royal learner, starting readily on the handle so we can hear the purring of its four small cylinders. (wav 12 sec-95 Kb).