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V12 L Ailée & LL Croisière

Although the economic situation lends itself to it hardly, Gabriel Voisin intends to strike the spirits at the 1936 Salon de L' Auto. The sales collapsed, in cause the unreasonable prices of the Voisin, but also, the priorities of the customers, which, in these time of crisis doesn't concern any more their automobiles.

Voisin imagines that only a glorious feat can possibly boost the business. And because his little grey cells doesn't know the crisis, here is the Voisin V12 L.

The chassis as illustrated in the catalog
A new models V12? Not at all, it is about an unusual naming for the Issy-Les-Moulineaux firm. Actually, it is about a Voisin ( V ) equiped of a 12-cylinder engine ( 12 ), but it is on-line ( L ). Obviously it was not possible to produce a new engine, and it is by coupling two six cylinders of the brand that this configuration is possible.

The Voisin 12 L in the 3/5 seats coupé configuration
But it does not mean making things half, because two versions of this 12-straight are elaborated, a "normal" one, "L" with a 3150 mm wheelbase and a "length", "LL" with 3500 mm footing. It is on this last one that it is also planned (what an optimism!) to produce a sedan six windows baptized Croisière.

The wheelbase is extended for the unsightly saloon Croisière

Below: the unique known photograph of the V 12 L during the 1936 Salon.
Photo from the agence Meurisse published here thanks to Gijsbert-Paul BERK author of
"André Lefebvre and the cars he created for Voisin and Citroën" (ISBN: 978-1-845842-44-4)

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