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Modern painters, illustrators, sculptors...

Across the channel, Stefan Marjoram painted Voisin automobiles...

...sometimes quite seriously... (R.W. collection)

(Private collection)

(T.A. collection)
...and sometimes...not!

François Chevalier painted, a few years ago, the C28 Aérosport (Private Coll.)

Jean-Marie Guivarch painted his first Voisin...

...the huge 1929 world records 11.660 cm33 V12

In a very different style, here is the Voisin C27 Aérosport by Robin Mompach...

...and she is marvellous!

The C28 Aérosport byPhilippe Burlet.

Bart de Vries, sculptured a Voisin...
..the 'Laboratoire', in his very personnal style...

Patric Brunet has already drawn a Voisin...

...a C25 Aérodyne for a Rally of Fougères poster.
François Delacloche presents us his vision of the Avions-Voisin C15 Petit Duc.

A few Avions-Voisin by François Vanaret
Aérosport & Aérodyne
"Aérosport & Aérodyne"
Rouge Brésil
"Rouge Brésil"

"Lumière noire"

"Les ailes du désir"

"Cocotte surbaissée"

New painting with C27 and C25

Thierry Dubois drew some Avions-Voisin.
For the 2000 Tours rallye
A champagne way of drawing a Voisin (2005)

and a Cimier C25

A Voisin dashboard by Alain Levesque

His painting (and others) are for sale on

In three dimensions (at least...)

Guillaume Moreau realized this amazing underslung coupé Avions-Voisin...
C22 par G. Moreau
if Ernest Montaut had been a sculptor!

And in another register, an aluminium C6 'Laboratoire'...

...marketed in limited edition by Locomobilia (USA).

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