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Automobilia - Blotting paper, cards, envelopes
Postcards and others papers, where we can see Voisin, voluntarily or not!

A Prismatical Voisin in Hanoi, but which type is it?

A Voisin on the right of this postcard of the Ospizio San Bernardino
In the early XXth century,. the craze for aviation...

...meets in the hats of the 'élégantes'!

The Mulhouse museum edited postcards about its automobiles...

...among which this Voisin C28 Chancellerie.

A Voisin on a Corbeil postcard in the 50's.
The brittany sea resort, Sable D'or les Pins, saw a few Voisin

A few villas of the city.

Sable d'Or 'camping-house'
It was the 2008 July photo of the month, here it is in the right section...

...this extremely rare view of Bourges with a C25 Aérodyne.

A Voisin parked in the "Fourche des Sept-Chemins" curve, on the 1924 GPACF circuit.

In La Baule, a C11 or perhaps C14 saloon.
Impressive 4-liter with her driver
In La baule again, another 4-liter Voisin on the 'boulevard des Dunes'
Two spanish cards : a commercial one for a Madrid dealer (left) and a collector one (right).
Wonderful view of the 'garage Diguet' in Paris, Panhard, Voisin etc
Perhaps a 8-10 HP in front of a hotel at Le Touquet
Same place for this nice Voisin
In La Panne (Belgium), a Lumineuse with specials side trunks.
An envelope signed by par Gabriel Voisin.
A tabacco card with underslung 'coupé', C20 or C22 ?
You can go to the restaurant in Voisin, then...
...go back to the Normandy hotel in Deauville in a Lumineuse.
Brittany with Voisin (Coll. A. Legrand)
Vendée with Voisin (Coll. "Tatraplan")
We can also see Voisin in Normandie (Coll. S.I.)...
...but also much more far... Marocco, where the Sultan, visiting Agadir, use a Voisin (Coll. A. Legrand).
Records from the ' Tour de France', Voisin were official 'Sporting' newspaper vehicles.
Here is a blotting paper with Lucien in 1925...(Coll. PMA)
...and a postcard with Jules the same year?
Chartapola running in La Baule
A nice 4-cylinder and its charming crew.
Rudolph Valentino's C5
Rochetaillée museum C24 Carène (postcard)
Tabacco card with a Voisin records breaker
A funny rhombus wheels car
Envelopes from Monaco...
...and Costa Rica

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