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Leaflet of C3 C 1920-1921
The 1929 September Voisin catalog and rate
One of very first Voisin brochure, very sober, only describing the car..... far from the 'little' presumptuous advertisements of the late 20's

Note on the last page the corrected price (46 500 and no more 40 000 francs)
Sometimes nice Voisin documents can be buy on the www, as this 18 HP (C3 et C5) repair manual.
World records are a good source for the Voisin catalogs, to promote the reliability of the automobiles
And their asserted superiority on ordinary races has a small flavor of revenge for Gabriel Voisin who mesestimated those competitions.

These three catalogs are readable on line, click the covers
Read this catalog
Read this catalog
Read this catalog



Psychedelic cover in 1925
Austere in 1926

May, 1923 this leaf details the 8 and 18HP, technical characteristics, available bodies and prices.

The 1935 Voisin brochure introduces, among others, the " Car of the future " (with rhombus wheels)
Where the car can be seen in bare chassis and bodied.
But also this amazing bus project.
Gabriel Voisin having a great sense of the communication, he planned everything, including a news bulletin available on simple request.

A 8HP manual, illustrated by numerous drawings...
Somekind of a charade in a 1923 leaflet.

...including electrical plan.

You can try to complete the blanks whith others cars brands.

From the 'Bulletin Trimestriel de la Sté des Aéroplanes G. Voisin' 1935 #IV...
...the ' voitures de reprise ', french-speaking readers should appreciate.

An extremly rare 'three days house'catalog

Other rarity, a leaflet describing the 12-cylinder C2 40HP, never for sale...

...and another one about the C3 L.

A 1922 repair manual

A rare spare parts catalog for 18HP, where we can read that 'our' cocotte get the number 1375... (Coll. Pierre S.)

A curious leaflet about the reliability of...

...the Voisin Biscooter refering to the C28 Aérosport!

A 1930 catalog


A greasing guide Yacco-Voisin (Coll. PMA)

The Voisin-Cotal electro-magnetic relay... manual.

A 1934 brochure, about the Voisin "after-sales servie"...

...where we can see a Voisin tow truck!

Road maps published by the firm for its customers (coll. PMA)

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