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Automobilia - Period photographs

Voisin cars in the street...or so
A little four cylinders posing with family at the farm
A Voisin at the winter sports, a quite rare view
Petrol stop for this round angle four doors
Funny rural situation for this Voisin with a basic body
End of the 50's, early 60's ? A Voisin as a today vehicle, but a little surprising anyway
A Lumineuse C7 with "chauffeur" ? Quite strange but why not...
A rare Charmeuse C24 in beautiful company (please note the headlights on the top of the front wings)
A nice 13CV open tourer from Letourneur and Marchand workshop
Nice photograph of a rare C15 (13CV Sport) chassis bodied in "coupé" Chambellan
A rare photography of the Ambassade
A big 4-litres torpedo with strange side clips
Wonderful view of a Torpedo with chauffeur

This car is Madam Lola Voisin's C5
Three photographs from a serie showing a journey in Spain, certainly in the 20's.
Out off the street, here are a few pictures of the Voisin factory.

Two views of the machining workshop

The production line, with a rare C28 Aérosport.

And here, the revised Voisin garage

A " faux cabriolet " by Vandeplas on 17CV ( C23 ) chassis

Impressive 4 liters with posing servant, perhaps in a little "affected" pose...

Apparently, the presidents of the Republic visited hopitaux a lot, here in Montpelier (France)

And there, in Oran (Algeria), running to the civil hospital

Unknwon coachbuilder for this 4-liters

Tourism in open tourer

Impressive C3 L (unknown coachbuilder) with driver

A nice black and white picture of a, nowaday, very pink C28...

C14 cabriolet by Ottin
A hugly saloon

A Voisin with a britannic body

A four doors C14 ( note the masked radiator )

A cyclist, a pass, a Voisin

A 4-liters convertible by Bellevalette

Wonderful C1 by Labourdette

Four Voisin from the stable of the " Présidence de la République "
Two rare pictures of a C5 Torpédo with the hood raised, note the portholes at the rear

Amazing Stapp rocket with Voisin engine
A C5 in a curve during the 1924 " Coupe de Nice "

Family pose with Voisin C12 or C16

Another C12 or C16 by Baehr or Janoir

A C14 (?) in front of the Cochin hospital in Paris

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