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Automobilia - Objects page 1
A beautiful and authentic Avions Voisin pin (NEUHAUS Manufacturer)

A watch designed from the "Automobiles Voisin" radiator

Gold leaf and Voisin C3L by Chevalier

Voisin C25 on stamp
Two nicely illustrated coasters, on the left the inspirer Ader and his Eole. On the right, Farman during the first kilometer on Voisin.

Holydays in Biscuter for Miss Mijanou

The 1979 issue including " real " sunglasses

A " milky " ad on one side and a Voisin torpédo on the other

" Phosphatine " card celebrating the 1st kilometer

A recent glass...
Pour salade de queue de soupapes
...a plate for " valves salade"
If you find forks and knifes, just tell me!

UTAC has sometimes memory, this 2006 sign prove it

A commercial ashtray for Valentin 'king of the caoutchouc'
Sometimes, unusual or funny things can be find in fly market or else !

...a 'Farman' tray.

...the Voisin version was also available

You can also collect medals or tokens...


Farman's #°1 on the front and Gabriel Voisin on the back (Coll. EC)

Wings Voisin 'V12' on the front, 'élégante' on the back (Coll. PMA)
Use unkown for this token, Voisin on the front, but blank on the back

Souvenirs from the 2006 Pebble Beach concours

An Avions-Voisin cap and a catalog
A curious plaque (coll. Malte I.)

Using a very old Voisin 'logo', here is a rare piece...

...offered to a few competitors of the 2006 Pebble Beach concours (click the pic).

A cigar band with C24
A "magnificent" under glass in the effigy (once again)

of the C24 from the Rochetaillée museum
A cocotte...
...or replica

Two dealer signs, one with automobile, the other one without, lack or current restoration?

Torpédo on a cork square

The C24 Carène on a metal plaque