Automobilia - Ads linked at the brand

Automobiles Avions Voisin in races are an inspiration for the brand, but also for its sponsors

Commemorating the 1922 GPACF result
(in "L'Aéronautique")
Spanish multi brand dealer
Advertisement for Spidoléine oil in French colony (indochine)

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In Paris, the Montet garage is "multi brand" including Voisin

The Voisin C4 is fitted with a "téléjauge"
The "Palais de l'Automobile' in Avignon...

...Voisin concessionary, and also Buick and Chevrolet
Advertisement for the Coldeboeuf-Jacqueline garage in Paris...

...staring Chenard & Walker, Voisin et Fiat
1924 : advertisement for the Servin Brothers' garage
1933, Yacco remembers about Voisin records
Two rare ads: the first one for Mobiloil with a Géo Ham's drawing. The other for Henry Rougier.

Where the two Voisin seems to be 'riden' by...

... Gabriel Voisin hilmself! (Coll. Jacques A.)

Técalémit and Yacco used the Voisin records, Jaeger prefered the 1922 GPACF
Publicité Técalémit

Coachbuilders, accessories or spare parts makers used Avions-Voisin in their advertisements
To praise its unique key system, the 'O' GRIFF' brand...

displays a 'very Voisin' lowered coupé.

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