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Voisin C31 Exclusive
by Antonino Lo Re and Thibaud Barillot

" Big GT coupé concept for riche couples liking travelling aboard a luxury car
marked with a strong visual impact and recreating the Avions Voisin spirit"



Such is the definition announced of this project by its creators, and although rather "exuberant", this coupé evokes effectively a large number of the rules of Gabriel Voisin.

Apparently very inspired by the fabulous underslung type C20's and C22, it interprets all the characteristics, and its line ensues from it without ambiguity as well as the distribution of the volumes engine, luggage and occupants. C20 and C22 were equipped with trunks on runningboards; here they slid the one towards the other one until join in the axis of the vehicle, they open as classic suitcases or in drawer and offer a 500 liter capacity.

Here is of what to accommodate the luggage of long-term passengers. A banner of aluminum decorates the hood reminding the straps of wings, frequently seen on the Issy les Moulineaux cars.

The trunks and their original opening

Contact! Meters and screen revolve on their support!

With its bright cockpit, this "Exclusive" offers the luxury and the rigorous comfort in its category.

The motorization, is quite atypical, the Voisin's coupés were powered by a straight-6 or V-12 sleeve valves engine, here it is a little more complicated because we find two V6, these two groups being accommodated in every extremity of the car.

Be careful, it is no more the Cocotte which dominates the hood of this "Exclusive", but an eagle, more aggressive, because from the stast of engines it folds up its wings, adopting a position of attack..


The profile of a modern C20 (or C22) coupé

Designers : Antonino Lo Ré (e-mail) and Thibaud Barillot (e-mail)
School : Institut Supérieur de Design de Valenciennes (

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