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Voisin-Impéria, an attempt of European GM?

With the aim to create an European General Motors, Mr. Van Roggen, Impéria owner, having acquired the main brands of Belgian automobiles
( Nagant, Excelsior, Auto-Métallurgique and Minerva) project in 1928 a partnership with the firm Avions Voisin, in financial troubles.


Impéria with Voisin body: produced to how many copies?

This alliance will give rise to some hierarchical mixtures, G. Voisin and his director E. Mongermon participates in the management of Impéria in
Nessonvaux (Liège) and A. Couchard Impéria engineer, goes frequently to Issy. Differences of point of views will finally put an end to this association
who had to help Impéria to penetrate into the French market. And only a few six cylinders will have been bodied with Voisin dresses at the end of the adventure in 1933.


A "Belgian" Voisin, note the particularly fine wheels spokes
A 1922 Belgian Voisin advertising, published in the program of...
... First Grand Prix of the RACB refering to the GPACF of Strasbourg.

Photo: archive Van Roggen communicated by Mr Bedeur

( author of " Impéria, un empire automobile belge 1904-1958 ")

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