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A C6 Laboratoire " scale model " by Y. Bertola

Thirty years ago, although little informations about the car are available, Yves Bertola began a little bit insane project: realize a 1/10th scale model of the Tours 1923 GPACF Avions-Voisin C6 Laboratoire.


Fascinated by this automobile, " looking like an insect ready to jump ", exactly nicknamed dragonfly by the spectators of the Grand Prix, he draws up plans 4 views after a meticulous study of pictures published in the period press.

The body is completely in sheets of brass, metal chosen because of its " workability ". Cut and arched, they will patiently be welded edge to edge, and the body received hard wooden side baguettes, screwed on the sides.

For other elements: mini belt of leather hood, foam stuffed cloth seat, bolts, braided steel cables, rubber for tyres and shock absorbers.

The dashboard meters are reductions of photocopy.

A striking model of realism.

Once the body was finished, came the question of the color, it is finally the very clear blue which chooses our model maker, color who will worth to him this remark of a retired car dealer, " your Voisin should be sand-colored or cream, as the one that I drove in 1923 ".

Interesting testimony, because the photos of this Grand Prix are all black and white, even if on some of them, the aluminum body seems effectively painted, then Tours' C6: painted or not? And if yes, what color? The question remains...

From above, the illusion is completed.
Thousand thanks to Y. Bertola for the story and photographs story of his model.

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