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C. C. C.
C28 Ambassade

C14 Charteorum 'Lumineuse'

C11 'Lumineuse'

C15 Petit Duc

Underslung C22 'coupé'

The 1927 8-cylinder records breaker

See the kit

CCC also produced a Biscooter, below a few pictures of the "production" model...

...with small changes from the prototype (visible on the PMA Scale Models page)

A beautiful C25 Aérodyne in the Rouen modeler range...

...and a C28 Cimier, no less elegant (Epokit casts reviewed by PMA).

Not so rare than the original (one perhaps two cars)... is the 12 straight cylinder Aérosport (15 pieces at 1:43).

And of course in the "Classiques"...
...the Antoine Menier's C28 Aérosport.
Curiously named Cimier, although it has four doors, here is a Clairière.
And of course the C25 Aerodyne, here with rectangular portholes.

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