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JPM creations

Just outside Paris, a Voisin enthusiast builds engaging models that defy categorisation - a judicious mixture of Meccano thinking, found objects and a touch of sheer poetry. The large scale of these 40-50 cm models allows plenty of entertaining detail such as working lights and controls to be included, although physical accuracy is not the builder's objective. He simply expresses his passion for these unusually personal cars in his own uniquely personal way.

1925 records breaker
Two versions of the 1926 C6 Laboratoire
C15 Petit Duc (two versions)

C7 "Lumineuse"

From the C1 to the underslung C20, including the C6 Laboratoires, a record car and the patron's C15 Petit Duc in its present day form, they add up to a magnificent cross-section of Gabriel Voisin's automobiles, which have now been widely admired at shows all over France.

Thanks to JPM for agreeing to share his creations online.

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