Scale Models
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There are miniatures which, sometimes, we don't know where to classify, sclae models, silversmith's works, pieces of art? The PMA's creations are of this nature, mostly unique but which sometimes become marketed by C.C.C. or Héco Miniatures.
A service lorry from the Voisin factory, which the model has really existed
Fantastic C7 in"Grand Sport" version, with its impressive rear trunks duo
A new version of the Myrte, with a leather interior and a fabric hood with tubular frame (visible below)
A wonderful Sulky
The Aérodyne prototype, build on a C24 chassis with C23 body parts
One more Voisin rare on our roads: a C11 with Chasseriez body, a 4 doors Lumineuse so to speak
So rare in miniature as in the scale 1, a C16 with a Millon Guiet's body
C24 with a Charquatre body

What could we say about this 1930 world records C18 Diane? Nothing, it is just perfect!

A Biscooter prototype by PMA and the Autonacional Biscuter by Joal (Coll. PMA)


A few models of the famous C15 Petit Duc formerly owned by Gabriel Voisin
In its current livery...
...and in two versions of its long life.
An automobile which served a lot, in the hands of Gabriel Voisin for, among others, to tow his caravan...
...But also to one of his employees and friend, Henri Bernard, disappeared in 2008, to transport his canoe.
In brief, an automobile " to do everything "!

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