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Scla models
Solido & Verem

Before being assembled and ready for sale, the Solido C24 Carène looks like that!
This famous C24 Carčne by Solido and also Verem produced in many variant versions.

The first model... early variant in light grey...

...the same in dark blue...

...a more recent one in metalic light blue

A cream variant...

and another one, rare, close to a metalic pale green.

The Verem model.
This one was produced for the CEE (cast Solido-Verem).

Another variant Solido in pale yellow

A promotional for the Musée de Rochetaillée
And another one...a rare model (Coll. PMA), given with a Solido history book...
...posing on the bonnet of a C11 in restoration.

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