Gabriel Voisin's records

Convinced that the big four-cylinder was capable of more, Gabriel Voisin had no intention of leaving it at that. Over the winter of 1925-6 the Issy-les-Moulineaux team succeeded in raising its output to 140/150bhp, and the car returned to the Autodrome on February 22nd.
The car managed only two international records this time around: 50 kilometres in 15 minutes 56 seconds (an average of 188.84 kph) and 50 miles in 25 minutes 24 seconds (190.01 kph).
The 4-cylinder had clearly reached the limits of its potential against formidable opposition from the purpose-built record-breakers of Panhard, Renault and Miller amongst others.
The only solution was to construct a completely new machine, and engineers André Lefebvre and Marius Bernard duly set to work. The result was based on the 4880cc six cylinder unit being developed for the new C12 model, fitted with twin carburettors and rectangular section exhaust stubs protruding from the side of the bonnet.

The desappointing six-cylinder
This power unit was installed in a short chassis underslung beneath the brakeless front axle, with a narrow track. Michelin tyres were fitted, and the chassis was clad in s simple streamlined aluminium body.
The car performed less well than it looked, the big six proving hardly more powerful than the final incarnation of its 4-litre predecessor; some say it was even slower. As a result, Marchand succeeded in snatching only three international records (50 kms, 50 miles and 100 kms) from Panhard on the 11th of October.
Would the Voisin company find its form once again on the Montlhery banking in 1927?

NB : the record statistics reproduced here are based on the pages on this subject published in 'Toutes les Voisin' by René Bellu and a three-part article by Serge Pozzoli in 'Le Fanatique de l'automobile' N°23, 24 and 26.

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