Gabriel Voisin's records

The year literally got off to a flying start for Voisin in that the powerful 8-cylinder set a new flying start 10-mile record at 214.912 kph on January 12.


And in July, on the 25th, the car took to the banking once again for a new attempt. Marchand looked set to demolish the previous records until a tyre burst at more than 220 kph, hurling the car through the outer barrier of the circuit and onto the road beneath. Thrown clear of his mount, Marchand sustained serious injuries - three broken ribs, a broken collar bone and a punctured lung. He was taken quickly to hospital, where he spent several weeks recuperating.

Little remained of the car but a tangled mass of metal...


NB : the record statistics reproduced here are based on the pages on this subject published in 'Toutes les Voisin' by René Bellu and a three-part article by Serge Pozzoli in 'Le Fanatique de l'automobile' N°23, 24 and 26.

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