Gabriel Voisin's records

Driven as he was, Gabriel Voisin could not let matters lie. The 40,000 kilometre record remained in his sights - even the 50,000 kilometre prize.

September 1930 was the date set for the new attempt. Financial constraints dictated that the new car be based on a production model, and he opted for a V12 chassis (code 'Diane') fitted with the factory's 'Chatelaine' coupé coachwork, in the hope that the 4.8 litre power unit would be powerful and durable enough to secure the record.

The selected car was duly modified to the extent of removing the wings and replacing the luggage trunk at the rear by two additional fuel tanks. The standard exhaust system was also replaced by rectangular exhaust stubs protruding from the bonnet sides.


As before, the attempt was fuelled by the 70/30 mixture of petrol and Benzol provided by Gaz de Paris, with the Yacco oil company supplying the necessary lubricant.

On Sunday September 7th 1930, the record team returned to the reinforced concrete banking of the Montlhéry autodrome. There were four drivers: César and Edouard Marchand, Leroy de Presale and Van Doorninck.

The run began in the evening, and the car ran like the proverbial clock for more than 17 days. When the car eventually drew to a halt just after 5 o'clock on the morning of September 25th, every target record had been broken.



Average speed

Publicité Yacco
25 000 miles


30 000 miles
119,80 km/h
35 000 kms
40 000 kms
45 000 kms

50 000 kilometers
119,948 kp/h

11 days
123,644 kp/h
32 642 kms
12 days
124,112 kp/h
35 744 kms
13 days
128,157 kp/h
39 980 kms
14 days
123,316 kp/h
41 434 kms
15 days
121,493 kp/h
43 737 kms
16 days
121,969 kp/h
46 836 kms
17 days
119,857 kp/h
48 901 kms


Like Yacco, Gabriel Voisin naturally lost no time in publicising this spectacular achievement.

Having secured every world record from 100 to 50,000 kilometres, as well as those from one hour to 17 days, the Voisin company retired from record breaking in Autumn 1930 covered in glory. Never again were the tyres of a Voisin to tear around the mythical banking of Montlhéry...

NB :the record statistics reproduced here are based on the pages on this subject published in 'Toutes les Voisin' by René Bellu and a three-part article by Serge Pozzoli in 'Le Fanatique de l'automobile' N°23, 24 and 26.

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