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Inspired by Gabriel VOISIN
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Citroen's revolutionary Traction was developed under the aegis of Voisin's 'spiritual son', André Lefebvre, in line with the engineering precepts of his former boss.

Lefebvre's most spectacular contribution to automotive design was the Citroen DS, whose platform chassis was inspired by the 1938 Voisin C30.

In the early fifties, Gabriel Voisin developed air portable lightweight four-wheel drive amphibious vehicles for military applications, the TEP (Transport Estafette Parachutable).

I did not progress beyond the prototype stage, and the sole remaining example was shown as Rétromobile in 2005.

BMC engineers apparently studied the Biscooter in the course of developing Issigonis' design for the Mini.

First shown at the 1994 Paris Salon, the Ellipsis was designed by Philippe Charbonneau as a modern reinterpretation of the lozenge car described in Gabriel Voisin's 'voiture de l'avenir'.

Others have ventured into lozenge territory, including the present-day members of Aéromécanique...

The ultra-narrow rear track of Peugeot's 1996 Asphalte concept car recalls the Voisin of the Tours Grand prix 74 years earlier...