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1952 T. E. P.
( "Transport Estafette Parachutable" )

During 2005 Rétromobile, on the stand of the " Manoir de l'Automobile ", was exhibited a curious machine with aluminum body...

It was the T.E.P. one of the last Gabriel Voisin's creations. This vehicle introduces the peculiarity to be at the same time a four driving wheels and an amphibian vehicle.

But indeed, knowing the boss, he could not realize this configuration in a classic way!

He equiped his prototype with a Panhard front engine, with two ventilators, upright by the axle, it ensues from this a transmission system which seems of a rare complexity.

Indeed, it combines transmission by chain then shaft, then chain again for the rear axle and the helix.

A first sight, it seems to me that a first chain goes from the engine to a first gearbox relay to transmit the 50HP.



From this gearbox, a second chain assures the front wheel drive, but there is also a shaft, which joins the rear of the car. In this place, a new intermediate box, where a cog assures the rotation of the helix via a third chain, whereas by another relay, the fourth chain allows the transmission to the rear axle.

At least over-subtle system, imposed by the general architecture of the T.E.P.? Whim of Gabriel Voisin?

The stering is assured by a double steering wheel, the acting first one on front wheels, the second directing the small rudder situated behind the helix.

The mechanism managing this double steering, situated in the engine compartment, seems also rather complex.

Regarding the body, the automobile is all aluminum dressed, looking like a bathtub and flat-bottomed which has to get her a good buoyancy.


The light engine hood fixed by attachs comes out very easily, it is only fitted on the base of the folding windscreen.

The cockpit is extremely sifted, without any instrument ( this is a prototype ). As for the commands, a gearshift planted in the dashboard, accompanied with what seems to be the handbrake, four buttons and that's all!

More mysterious are the black control levers situated " in the pilot legs ", I really don't have any idea about their function...

If we add that the vehicle was also supposed to be parachutable, we have, in final, a very curious machine, fascinating at the eyes of the amateurs of Voisin's constructions or of amphibians vehicles.

Let's precise that the TEP is displayed at the " Manoir de l'Automobile de Lohéac " ( France ).

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